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From the life and mind of Jinxx, guitarist, violinist, and one of the principal songwriters of the internationally acclaimed rock band Black Veil Brides, comes Inhabitant, an upcoming psychological horror movie based on Jinxx’s own childhood home and the real, traumatic, and unexplainable happenings that tormented him there and haunt him to this day.

Produced and scored by Jinxx - who will also be starring as himself in the lead role - Inhabitant promises to chill and delight horror fans of all stripes with its heady mix of visceral tension, bleak atmosphere, and mind-warping chaos. Now, Jinxx and his capable team of filmmakers need YOUR help to turn these terrifying true events into twisted cinematic art!


Fort Dodge, Iowa. 1985. A new house, new neighbors, and a new start for young Jeremy “Jinxx” Ferguson, his older brother, their Siberian husky, and their parents. The promise of the moment is short-lived, as domestic unrest soon upends the family dynamic. Worse still, their next door neighbors - widely rumored “devil-worshippers” - begin to take a deranged interest in the brothers and their hapless, now-single mother. As tensions with these shady characters escalate, strange and inexplicable events start to befall the home, culminating in a terrifying encounter that finally sends the young family packing for good.

Or so they’d hoped.

Decades later, Jinxx and his brother, still unable to move on from what happened, reunite at the still-abandoned house in an effort to finally make sense of the trauma they suffered there so long ago. The house, however, seems to have plans of its own. As a familiar terror slowly stirs from the floorboards and the past and present begin to bleed into an endless nightmare, it becomes clear the evil from those dark and distant days is far from finished with the family. Now, the brothers will have to unearth the house’s sinister secrets if they’re to have any hope of escaping the ancient horror that has come to call it home.

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The true story...

During the Fall/ Winter of 1987, Jinxx’s family began experiencing unexplained phenomenon in their 75-year-old, two-story brick home in Fort Dodge, Iowa. Commencing with disembodied footsteps and other unexplained noises, the presence then began to manifest itself into more physical forms; a shadowy figure, a putrid odor of sulphur, unexplained cold spots, objects moving by themselves, and in the form of dead black birds appearing randomly throughout the house and positioned in a grotesque manner. A strange viscous liquid began to ooze from the floorboards of Jinxx’s mother’s room, that a chemist friend of the family tested and found to contain human blood plasma. As the presence became more and more prevalent and increasingly hostile (knife-holes mysteriously riddled the wall of Jinxx’s brother’s bedroom above his headboard while he slept one night), the family realized they were dealing with something sinister that wanted them out. Desperate, Jinxx, his mother and older brother soon fled the house in terror not long after a late night encounter with a black mist that entered Jinxx’s mother’s room and hovered over her while she lay in her bed.


Following their departure from the house, the family moved into a trailer park and experienced a string of bad luck for years, and felt that some of whatever cursed them in that house followed them with their move to Des Moines a year later. The house itself sat empty, and was eventually sold for half the price Jinxx’s mother paid for it 7 years earlier. It then was made into a rental home, where tenants tended not to stay not much longer than a month or so. Eventually the house fell into disrepair, and was boarded up and has sat empty and a home to squaters and wildlife since about the early 2000s.


The house is still there, and still empty, to this day....

....or is it?

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